ARCH 100 Introduction to Architecture Study is a summer quarter design studio for college students and college graduates interested in exploring architectural design as a field of study or potential career. In this program, undergraduate students and college graduates with no prior drawing or design experience can learn about the field of architecture and the unique experience of design education. This program has been running continuously since 1995 and beginning in 2018 three options will be offered:

1) ARCH 498 Full term / DRAW + DESIGN (8 credits; June 18-August 17)

2) ARCH 498 A-term / DRAW (4 credits; June 18-July 18)

3) ARCH 498 B-term / DESIGN (4 credits; July 19-Aug 17)

ARCH 498 Full term / DRAW + DESIGN will follow the traditional ARCH 100 curriculum, focusing on architectural drawing, model building, and fundamental architectural design skills.

DRAW + DESIGN is recommended for all students who want a comprehensive architectural studio experience before applying to a graduate or undergraduate program in architecture. This 9-week course offers the most complete set of studio skills and portfolio-building opportunity.

ARCH 498 A-term / DRAW is an option for students who have a wide-ranging interest in design and wish to acquire essential hand-drawing and model-building skills that can be applied to various 3D design disciplines, including architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, and industrial design.

ARCH 498 B-term / DESIGN is an option for students who already have basic studio skills and would like to focus on an intensive 4-week design project in order to develop new or additional portfolio material for academic or professional use. It is possible to take this course without taking the A-term / DRAW, provided the student has sufficient drawing and model-building experience to move quickly into a design project.

Curriculum Overview

These courses are offered through the University of Washington Department of Architecture and comprised of a design studio that meets 3 afternoons a week and is augmented by morning lectures, workshops, and field trips. Each studio of 12-15 students is taught by an instructor and a graduate student assistant who guide the students in a series of 2D and 3D skill building exercises and building design projects. Studios are central to a design education, where students learn to work collaboratively and independently and are supported by group and individual critiques with the instructors and guest critics. The lectures are presented by members of the faculty and the local design community, introducing the history, theory, design methods, and practice of architecture. Field trips include visits to significant buildings and public spaces on campus and throughout Seattle.

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Class times are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:50 to 11:50 am and 1:10 to 5:45 pm. Morning sessions are devoted to lectures, studio skills instruction, and field trips. Students are in design studio during the afternoon sessions where they work on 2D and 3D design projects and meet with the faculty. (Morning field trips and lectures occasionally extend through the lunch hour so students should avoid scheduling other classes between the morning and afternoon sessions of ARCH 100.)

Attendance and participation during all regularly scheduled class meetings and completion of all projects are required to receive credit for the course and to gain the maximum benefit from this experience. The studios spaces are accessible outside of class times and each student is allocated a personal workspace for the quarter. Many of the projects require substantial work outside of class time during evenings and weekends, and most students find it helpful and enjoyable to work in the studio at all times.

Admissions and program fees

ARCH 100 / ARCH 498 DRAW + DESIGN (Full-term) is an 8-credit course

ARCH 498 DRAW (A-term) and ARCH 498 DESIGN (B-term) are both 4-credit courses and will take place alongside ARCH 100 / ARCH 498 DRAW + DESIGN.

All three options are open to college graduates, current college students, and college-bound high school graduates who are at least 18 years old. Because the courses are designed to accommodate students of varying experiences and backgrounds, prior training in architecture, design, or drawing is not necessary. Candidates should nevertheless be prepared to undertake a demanding academic program involving individual and group projects during and outside of class meeting times. ARCH 100/ARCH 498 DRAW + DESIGN in particular can serve as an important stepping stone to an undergraduate or graduate program in architecture, and each successful participant will receive an evaluation from the studio instructors with suggestions for further learning.

The Applicant Questionnaire is available here and please indicate in your essay response to question #9 which option of the class you are applying for (Full-term, A-term, or B-Term). Application review will begin in March and applicants will be considered until the program commences.

Directions for submitting the application:

All applications must be submitted by email. Download the file by right clicking and selecting “Save link as” and complete the questionnaire. Do not convert to a word .doc.

To send the form via email, you must click on the “Submit Form” button at the top right of the form. You will then be prompted to use either your desktop email client or your Internet email. If you choose Internet email, you will be prompted to save the file to your hard drive. Email the file as an attachment to Judith Swain.

Following our review and approval of the Applicant Questionnaire, the applicant will receive an add-code to be used to register for the selected course. Note that it is also necessary to apply to and register for the UW Summer Quarter before you can register for the course. You will find important information about the UW Summer Quarter registration procedure, tuition, and deadlines here.

Some studio materials will be provided and students should expect to spend $150-$250 for equipment and supplies needed during the full quarter. For additional information about the ARCH 100 / Introduction to Architecture course options offered this summer content please contact Judith Swain.

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