October 11, 2016

2015 – 2016 Thesis Awards

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2015-2016 Master of Architecture thesis awards:

Thesis Prize: John Reynders
The Shape of Global Wealth: Slender Towers from New York to Seattle
Committee: Jeffrey Ochsner (chair), Gundula Proksch

Thesis Citation: Amanda Wolfang
Replay Value: Toward an Architecture of Future Narratives
Committee: Nicole Huber (chair), Jennifer Dee

Thesis Citation: Lipeipei Sun
Re-envisioning Rural Urban Development in Dali, China
Committee: Elizabeth Golden (chair), Brian McLaren

The 2015-2016 Master of Science in Architecture thesis awards were given to:

Thesis Prize: Erik Voytko
Urbanism and Social Transformation in Peter the Great’s Russia
Committee: Ann Huppert (chair), Elena Campbell

Thesis Prize: Cassandra Blair
Bodies in Space: Spatial Practice and Spatial Representations in the Work of Francesca Woodman and Gordon Matta-Clark
Committee: Brian McLaren (chair), Robert Mugeraur

Congratulations to all our award recipients!