Friday, September 25, 2020

Welcome to the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington.

This year has made it abundantly clear that the future is uncertain and that our collective actions, both intentional or unintentional, can have devastating consequences yet also inspiring impact. As architects we have the capacity to critically evaluate the past, envision the future and design solutions to complex challenges. Additionally we have the ethical responsibility to design the future where all people can live, learn and work in healthy, equitable and delightful communities.

At the start of this year, none of us imagined us at the place that we are today – it was definitely not the vision I had of how we would be starting the academic year in my new role of Department Chair.  Yet, I remain optimistic and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a strong community of students, staff and faculty in partnership with our alumni and professional network to create the best present and set the foundation for us to build a better future for tomorrow.

My virtual ‘door’ is always open. Please reach out to me if you have ideas on how we can better support and serve you as individuals or the community at large. I look forward to finding new ways to connect as we build and sustain the personal relationships and architectural culture that are so vital to our success as individuals and a department.

Warm regards,

Kate Simonen
Professor and Chair