October 30, 2018

Building Reuse with Kathryn Rogers Merlino

In a recent video interview with UW News, Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of the Center for Preservation and Adaptive Reuse, Kathryn Rogers Merlino describes a critical opportunity for architects in adaptive reuse design projects. Earlier this year, Merlino’s most recent book was released, “Building Reuse: Sustainability, Preservation, and the Value of Design”. The book speaks to the notion that sustainable design starts much earlier than using efficient systems and hardy materials, rather that sustainable design can start as early in the design process as choosing to retain an existing building on the site. Where most architects might see this decision as making more challenges, Merlino sees this position as creating a multitude of opportunities.

Not only is adaptive reuse a sustainable material practice, but the revitalization of existing buildings offers new and unexpected spatial experiences, material conditions, and a unique character that is greatly needed in Seattle’s ever modernizing built environment. Through good design, Merlino believes an old building can have a second life, continuing to bring character, diversity and history to the built environment. Read the entire interview regarding Kathryn Roger Merlino’s work here.