November 25, 2014

Centennial Study: UW Architecture Faculty & Alumni/ae


When I first heard a preview of the UW Architecture Centennial celebration at a meeting of the UWArchPAC (Professionals Advisory Council), I began thinking of colleagues and friends who had taught and studied there over the decades in which I have observed and taken part in Department and College doings – going back to my 1970s service on the staff of the Department of Urban Planning, as then known.

I started making lists, and in August 2014 established a website listing/linking names of alumni/ae and faculty I’d begun to track down.  I communicated about this with various individuals, including early on our distinguished historian colleague Prof. Jeffrey Ochsner as well as Architecture and BE staff, who offered helpful advice.  Relatedly, UW Columns September 2014 edition included an article citing several notable individuals associated with the department.

Over the last several weeks, the word spreads and the lists grow.  At the Centennial Gala and other events October 22-26, several participants recalled individuals with whom they had studied.  Many have contacted me with names of classmates and students, copies of commencement programs, and other references.  THANKS to all who’ve provided information to this ongoing work-in-progress – corrections wanted!

As of this writing, the lists identify more than 1800 individuals, going back to the originating faculty and early classes and continuing to current students —  with all but a few of the names linking to information about their careers and other doings.   Links connect to biographical notes on historical sites for those who studied and taught early in Department history, firm and business and academic websites for many currently active, online news and a few online obituaries, and a majority (especially recent grads and current students) to LinkedIn profiles.  I hasten to add that these postings document only a portion of 4500+ individuals associated with the Department over the last century.  Updating continues, on a daily basis as new information emerges via the interactive process.

Cumulatively, this effort documents a productive community, and a far-flung crop of alumni/ae.  As one would expect, the majority go on to careers in architectural practice in a range of expressions:  design firms located in Seattle and Washington and around the world, as well as government and non-profit design enterprises.  Many have continued their educations elsewhere, and several pursue academic careers.   Many have distinguished themselves in and beyond architecture, as recognized by a range of honors — potentially subject to further celebration as the 2014-15 Centennial series continues.   Associate Chair Alex Anderson proposed using the listings as a source for data-base and other analysis, and let us trust that others will find ways to use this online resource.

I hope that this “documentary” helps connect the UW Architecture community of all generations, and serves as a resource for current and incoming student networking/outreach.   I welcome suggestions, corrections/additions, and comments as the study continues.

Looking forward to continuing Centennial celebrations with all who share the occasions, in memory and/or in person.

– Marga Rose Hancock,