December 18, 2014

Congratulations, Graduates!

After a (midnight) Friday thesis deadline, we gathered Saturday at Cultivate in Elm Hall to celebrate our graduating Master of Architecture students with a slide show and awards.  A list of this quarter’s theses is provided at the end of this post.

Graduates, congratulations from all of us here at the UW Department of Architecture, and thank you for your outstanding work!










Amelia Simoncelli – Digital Mass: A Transparent E-Waste Infrastructure for Seattle

Bennett Sapin – Landscapes of Fulfillment: Re-examining Infrastructures for E Commerce Distribution in Los Angeles

Claire Showalter – (RE)Generation: An Institute for Making in Southeastern Ohio’s Postindustrial Vacancies

Dhara Goradia – Live-Work/Live-Learn/Live-Play: An Urban Village for Musicians across Generations

Erica Brissenden – Shift: Experiential Public Space at the Periphery of Copenhagen

Erica Witcher – Layers of Accumulation: Reusing a Contaminated Industrial Waterfront on Rock Bay, B.C.

Hayley Buckbee – Cultivating Earthworks of the Anthropocene: A Laboratory for Land and Environmental Art in Lime, Oregon

Jason Tran – Adaptive Mixology: A Direction for Transforming Chicago’s Shuttered Schools

Jeffrey Sandler – Latent Realities: Uncovering the Unseen at the Very Top of Denmark

Jordan Inman – Design for Dignity: A Supportive Housing and Learning Community for Youth and Families

Justine Loong – Pygmy Elephant Sanctuary: Creating a Mindful Link between Human and Animal Territory

Justin Schwartzhoff – In Plain Sight—a Sensory Arts School for the Blind and Sighted Communities of Atlanta

Katelyn Reef – Trail Markers: Identity and Utility along the Pacific Crest Trail

Kate McLean – New Home: Creating a New Typology for Migrant Worker Housing

Kristopher Chan – Datascapes: Revealing the Potential of Data to Design Neighborhoods for the Future

Kyle Boyd – Restorative Environments: A Campus for Traficked Youth in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Kyle Kinney – Scale Effect: Experience of Scale in Natural Landscapes: A Washington Parks Information Center on Seattle’s Waterfront

Leslie Maienschein-Cline – Catalytic Parking: Creating New Possibilities in an Integrated Suburban Parking Garage

Lissa Goetz – Fabrication + Adaptation: A System for Replacing Elementary School Portable Classrooms Throughout California

Matt Kikosicki – Hybrid Infrastructures: RE:Positioning the Anacostia

Midori Fukutani – Tokyo Canal City: Reuniting Tokyo with the Kanda River

Naomi Javanifard – Cultivate LA: Converting the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena into an Urban Food Hub

Richard Lyman – [RE]Commissioned: A Center for Unmanned Systems in Tillamook’s Iconic Airship Hangar

Ross Lambert – Shared Space: Community-Centered Development in the Suburbs

Scott Viloria – Cycle-Graphic Landscapes: Experiencing Honolulu Through Its Harrowed Bicycle Infrastructure

Shannon Carrico – The Architecture of Suspense: A Center for the Cinematic Arts in the Former Olympia Brewery

Tami Liyu Lan – Healing Spaces: An Outpatient Primary Care Neighborhood Clinic, Hybrid Health and Wellness Services in One Location, Central District

Veronica Macalinao – Cultural Exchange: A New Center for Seattle’s Asian Immigrants

Yasaman Haji Esmaili – Low-tech.High-touch: DNA-Brick Assembly