Adaptive Reuse//AU 15

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Course Description

Building reuse has become an environmental imperative. While it establishes a link to the architectural past, its greater goal is repurposing a viable structure that would not be built today. The fascination of a new design is compounded by the challenge of making something work – again. The reuse of an existing building requires integration of technical disciplines – structural, mechanical, electrical, envelope design – toward the goals of net-zero carbon use and rich architectural layering. Adaptation demands a sort of architectural surgery, a bricoleur’s ingenuity, and a poet’s insight of inspired marginalia.

This studio will consider the comprehensive and integrated design of an institutional use as an addition to and adaptation of an existing building on a site in the Pacific Northwest. Studio participants will collaborate in research on the site and building history, building systems and embodied energy, and in the production of accurate as-built drawings of the existing structure. Each student will then design a project that fulfills practical requirements, resolves technical demands, and transforms the existing building through addition and reuse.