Architecture in Rome//AU 14

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Course Description

Material, Light and Magic

The 2014 Architecture in Rome Program will offer an in-depth investigation of the city through the succession of layers that have shaped its urban form. The city will be used as our lecture hall, drawing subject and design studio. We will study ideas about Rome through direct observation and synthesize this understanding through the various assignments of the urban field studies, design studio, history/theory seminar, and drawing class.

Architectural response to sun and light has shaped the form and scale of buildings and the spaces in between. We will explore the city through light and its interplay with material and color, investigating ways in which light gives form to architecture. We’ll also examine the city through the lens of Urban Ecology, the idea of addressing all resource and environmental concerns in one location. We’ll map and analyze portions of the historical cityscape for patterns of environmental and adaptation to guide development of high performance 21st century architecture.