Barry Onouye Endowed Studio //WI 18

  • 18_WI_401C_Branting_Morocco_01
  • 18_WI_401C_Branting_Morocco_02
  • 18_WI_401C_Branting_Morocco_03
  • 18_WI_401C_Castelli_Annalisa_01
  • 18_WI_401C_Castelli_Annalisa_02
  • 18_WI_401C_Castelli_Annalisa_03
  • 18_WI_401C_Kinman_Amber_01
  • 18_WI_401C_Kinman_Amber_02
  • 18_WI_401C_Kinman_Amber_03

Course Description

This studio experimented with what happens as a design scheme is materially and technically developed beyond the scheme or parti, into a fully-fleshed building design. An existing building in the Seattle area was re-made or re-interpreted through student’s own material experiments and inventions. Using contemporary design and fabrication tools and material/structural possibilities, students were able to explore this “other side” of design – the spirit and character these technical decisions impart to an otherwise schematic idea.