Cornish College of the Arts //AU 17

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Course Description

The Cornish College of the Arts (CCA) is a nationally-recognized arts institution that has offered postsecondary education in the performing and visual arts in Seattle since 1913. Originally located in Capitol Hill, it moved its main campus to South Lake Union in the early 2000s in order to accommodate its expanding curriculum and growing student body. A major gift from an anonymous donor has provided Cornish with the opportunity to dramatically expand its offerings and its facilities once again. The school has identified a number of possible sites on Queen Anne Avenue N and First Avenue N, just north of Denny Way for the location of a new satellite campus that will house five different departments. This ideal location lies only a short distance from the main campus and will reinforce Cornish’s existing presence and its connections to the arts activities at the Seattle Center.

In order to maintain the dynamic mix of performing and visual arts for which Cornish is known, the following departments will have new facilities at the Uptown campus: dance, music, digital fabrication, glass and ceramics. In order to contribute to a vibrant Uptown neighborhood, these hypothetical proposals for the new campus will also consider the inclusion of additional program elements such as affordable housing and retail spaces for shops and restaurants.