Fashion_Architecture//WI 16

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Course Description

Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportion.

– Coco Chanel

This investigational studio invites you to explore architecture as not the task of conceiving the ‘naked’ body, but as that of clothing it, as a means not so much of aspiring to an ideal Edenic human condition, but as (yet another) means of interrogating and expressing the vicissitudes, desires, motivations and fears of the human experience on planet earth. I am proposing that you use the intuitions of contemporary fashion to build architecture that interrogates what it is to be, to express, in the post-Holocaust, post-Enlightenment world, today. There is, after all, a rich matrix that holds the ISIS and global climate talks on the same front page of The New York Times. We will look for ways of attaching architectural thinking to this ‘rich’ tapestry of life. You are invited to find your-self, to locate your-self, and to express your place and identity in this world.

Prepare a wearable work.
A Wearable Work is something in-between Wearable Art and Wearable Architecture. Both the latter are recognized fashion forms. While one offers art as a wearable entity (related to things like installation art), the latter looks to be inspired by architectural ideas to make fashion statements. While both these are of course interesting, and relevant to our discussion, neither of them actively seeks to make a probing proposition regarding architecture. We are interested in learning from fashion (with its allied disciplines) to interrogate contemporary architectural possibilities, rather than vice versa. So, at this stage, you are invited to construct, simply, a full size work that can be worn on the human body (your body or a model’s), using your well-trained architectural hands and minds. Don’t think architecture, think fashion, but with your architectural mind. The objective of this exercise is not to create a piece of clothing that ‘looks’ architectural. Rather, it is to think construction, working close to the body.