Food and Culture//AU 15

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Course Description

The Seattle Center for the Culinary Arts (SCCA) is an institution that focuses upon the preparation of food, the propagation of knowledge about healthful eating, the harvesting of research about food cultures and how all of these activities can improve the lives of the residents of the Pike-Pine neighborhood and city. The center is intended to be a building for the culinary education of as many as 150 students, as a primary symbol of the value of the culinary arts and a generator of knowledge about nutrition and sustainability in an evolving urban neighborhood. As a key link between food culture and the culture of the street: on one hand it hopes to provide an intense and focused learning environment and, on the other, blur the boundaries between the SCCA and the city.

The development of food preparation skills is of paramount importance to the mission of the SCCA. The primary goal is to prepare students for careers as professional cooks, pastry chefs, and restaurateurs. By doing so it hopes to reinforce food culture as a fundamental pleasure and as a responsibility central to environmental and personal health. The school will focus upon food sustainability and foster a clear understanding of where food comes from, how it is processed, how it is prepared and how the food that is served at the table affects the world around us.