Gehl Studio//AU 14

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Course Description

The Gehl – Scan|Design Master Studio combines international study experience with multi-disciplinary collaboration on local projects in order to develop planning and design solutions for Seattle’s public realm.

This year, the studio is taught by Jim Nicholls, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Nancy Rottle, Associate Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture. Before the studio, students travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit the office of the renowned Copenhagen firm Gehl Architects and see the city through its people-centered urban design lens. For two weeks, students are immersed in the design and planning strategies that make this one of the leading cities in bicycle and pedestrian planning and one of the “most liveable” in the world. Upon return to Seattle, students focus on apply the lessons learned to a local site, and continue to benefit from the involvement of Gehl Architects as members of the office act as visiting instructors and critics.