Integrated Facade//SP 16

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Course Description

This studio will build upon the technical skills, design awareness, and ordering principles that you’ve examined in your previous studios and extend this into a deeper level of understanding of building enclosures, materials, and systems. The aim will be to achieve a very high level of development of the building envelope and critical details including material choices, building systems, and integrated climate responsive design. It is assumed that you have developed a satisfactory ability to communicate ideas and three-dimensional expression through graphic media, digital tools and model construction, and that you have developed architectural form based on site, climate and programmatic information. We will continue to apply and develop these design skills through our work in this studio.

The design project will be a 15-story (~190′) mixed-use tower in Seattle’s South Lake Union district. The tower will have a mix of residential and office spaces over a base containing commercial and retail space.

Typical of many developer-driven projects of this type, the program and organization of the building will be prescribed and well defined at the outset so that the focus of effort will be on detailed design development rather than conceptual design. Students will be guided through the development of building envelope sections and details, and the use of energy analysis tools. The studio will explore integrated architectural, structural and mechanical design of the building envelope and systems through a performance-driven design process.