Mass Timber//AU 16

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Course Description

Mass Timber: Material Culture
UW Center for Wood Innovation



Forest data, rural timber, low carbon, mass timber, code innovation, wood innovation centers, timber city


40,000 sf research, studio/lab/instructional building to house the new University of Washington Center for Wood Innovation


University of Washington campus – one of three sites:

  • rehabilitation/addition to Winkenwerder Hall, School of Environmental Forest School
  • new building @ existing Community Design Center, NE 40th/University Way NE
  • third tbd


design, material culture, timbercities, making, mass timber, CLT, models, design research, CNC modeling, modular construction, regional sustainable leadership, stereotomic, carbon neutral construction, net zero energy and water, innovation, northern light, beauty


UW College of the Environment, UW School of Environmental Forest Sciences, UW University Architect, UW Office of Planning and Budget, Forterra CLT/Mass Timber Initiative, ICC Ad-Hoc Tall Timber committee, BiNational Softwood Lumber Board