Murcutt Studio//SP 16

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Course Description

Located 463 km north from Sydney on the NSW east coast, South West Rocks is at: latitude 30 degrees 52 minutes south and longitude 153 degrees 02 minutes east. Its elevation is roughly at sea level.

A growing town of 3500, South West Rocks is located on the north-facing shore of Trial Bay and adjacent to the trained Macleay River mouth. The town has three sheltered north-facing beaches.

Back Beach is located to the west, between the Southern Wall and the small entrance to South West Rocks Creek, hard against 20 m high Point Briner.  Following its construction in 1898, the beach has built out against the training wall, and is now backed by low 200m wide vegetated dunes and mangroves.  Reached by a footbridge across South West Rocks Creek, there is no vehicular access.  The 1.6 km long beach faces northeast and receives waves that decrease in height down the beach, averaging about 1 m by Point Briner. These maintain a low tide terrace, which is cut by rips following higher waves.

The studio emphasizes the development of designs through an exploration of landscape and the natural and modified environment. Students will investigate, reveal and represent solutions that respond to the landscape, informed by a knowledge and appreciation of this place. They will seek to discover architecture that is a response to Place and not one of imposition.