Networks of Making//Nick Faller

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Course Description

Today there is a return to making that is being catalyzed by online instruction, as well as our human desire to get back to making things.  Furthermore we live in a time when the internet has become the dominant culture logic capable of creating influential movements that can manifest themselves in the physical world having an impact on our relationship with making.   Network culture begins to define a shift from the physical artifact to the digital artifact or virtual experience.  Therefore site is to be conceived as a system or “network of makers” rather than a static intervention.

As a result an architectural resolution is proposed, a mobile maker space is to be utilized as a system or armature of engagement to be deployed at certain nodes within the Seattle network.  The system is to be conceived of as a flexible and adaptable solution based on the process of making and the pursuit of tinkering.  A mobile platform will be able to travel to a particular place unfold and transform into a space for making.  Once deployed the system is free to engage the public on an urban level capturing the act of making to be fed back to a community of makers.

Networks of Making is a commentary on the global dominance of network culture, the social and physical impact it is having on the world of making.  Networks of Making looks at the primary cultural relevance of network culture and how it is informing the world of making.