Performing Space//Britt Jeske

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Course Description

Performing Space: A Center For Contemporary Dance
MS Thesis Prize

Contemporary dance is an evolving art form, exploring the range of the body’s movement, from the informal to the formal, pushing the boundaries between performer and audience. As contemporary dance has developed, so has the nature of, and spaces for, performance—what was once a privileged and ceremonial act, has evolved into a more democratic and unrestricted art form. This thesis explores the relationship of bodies, space, and performance through the design of a building for contemporary dance. The Center for Contemporary Dance, located at the Seattle Center, aims to reflect the evolution of this art form by providing an educational and performance venue that is integrated with its urban setting. The location of the facility at the Seattle Center provides the opportunity to navigate the realm between the closed typology of the traditional proscenium theater and unbounded public space. Transparent and flexible spaces interweave everyday movement, or the “ballet of the plaza,” with the choreographed movement of the artists. The pedestrian passer-by becomes the audience, encouraging interaction between art and everyday actions.