Maritime Memorial//WI 15

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Course Description

This studio will be an experiment in “virtual construction” focusing on steel structural systems, and using digital tools to ‘build’ a small but complex structure in virtual space while seeking to maximize tectonic richness of detail. Fully integrated 3D modeling of complex fabrications has been the norm in the aircraft and shipbuilding industries for decades. The AEC industry has been slow to follow suit, but we have been using BIMtools to generate data-rich building representations for a little more than a decade now. These ‘models’ can sometimes approach the level of sophistication of true virtual construction, but most tools in our industry are still relatively blunt in terms of architectural sophistication. We will experiment with a suite of digital tools to evaluate the state of the art for virtual construction in architecture.

The project will be to develop innovative design ideas for the Pacific Northwest Maritime Library and Fisherman’s Memorial on a site along the industrial shoreline in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. This will be a hybrid facility with dedicated public display, reading, meeting and consultation spaces, supporting a collection of historic sea charts, logs, artwork and narrative accounts of seafaring life in the PNW. The site will also host an enlarged Fishermen’s Memorial, honoring the memory of Seattle-based sailors lost at sea.