Pocket Gym//WI 15

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Course Description

Seattle is the fastest growing city in the country and, while officials have planned for it, growth is exceeding projections yielding a city in transformation. While the benefits and problems of this are debated, many citizens are legitimately concerned that urban amenities are not keeping pace with increasing density and the city has offered few strategies to address this condition.

This design studio proposes a small, yet highly visible, response to this concern – the Pocket Gym. Funded and administered by Seattle’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the Pocket Gym is a small community based place of recreation and engagement constructed on a number of sites in neighborhood commercial zones throughout the city. The designated sites are underutilized as they are both small in area and oddly configured (typically triangular) due to either rotations in the urban grid, a diagonal arterial cutting through the fabric or both. Interestingly, these sites tend to be ‘between’ established neighborhoods and offer the potential to form a ‘stitch’ between communities as new centers along an existing seam.