Redmond Recreation Center//WI 16

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Course Description

The Studio will explore the quintessential relationship between architecture and urban design. More specifically, how through civic architecture we can create vibrant urbanity with the seamless interaction of the city fabric and public space. There are three sites in downtown Redmond suitable for this project. The students will be divided into three groups pursuing site study and evaluation (potentially as a group) and then developing individual projects on these sites. The City campus site presents an interesting challenge in that the project forms the city fabric on one side, and becomes a major part of the open campus space on another. The definition of public landscape architecture adds specific challenge to this site. At the second site across from City Hall and the library, the notion of architectural dialogue will add to the problem’s interest in addition to the larger challenge of studying the building as a part of the city fabric on a tighter parcel. The third site, within the Transit Center block, presents an opportunity to engage the proposed private multi-family housing development being developed adjacent to the site and to rethink this entire city block that also includes the skateboard park.