Storefront Studio: Gig Harbor//SU 17

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Course Description

The Storefront Studio is an ongoing design program in the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments. Design students spend an academic quarter studying the main streets in small communities and then respond with ideas for architectural enhancements and improvements. The ideas aim to enhance community resilience, inclusivity and authenticity, through historic preservation, economic revitalization, complete street/green street strategies, and enhanced streetscapes and infrastructures. Each studio program begins by meeting the community in the first of a series of town hall meetings and open-house presentations. The students embark on open-ended research by mapping local physical, social and historical assets. With community feedback, the students design enhancements for strategic community architecture and public space. At the end of the quarter, students present their final designs and compile them into a published book. In this quarter, students underwent the storefront design process in the town of Gig Harbor.