Tectonic Tacubaya//WI 15

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Course Description

Tectonic Tacubaya: Strategic Interventions in Mexico City’s Colonia Tacubaya

Mexico City, one of the world’s largest metropolises, serves as the dynamic setting for this tectonic studio. Amidst the permanence of stone buildings and the ephemerality oftianguis (tarped markets); in a climate which substitutes masonry screens in lieu of windows; where insulation applies more to electrical wiring than thermal protection; and while working within the confines of Luis Barragan’s home and studio, students are presented with the opportunity to focus on fundamental aspects of the practice of architecture: the nature and relationships of material, structure and space; the methods of construction; the relationship between architecture and the City, and the contribution of all these towards the development, realization, and conviction of a personal design process.