The Open Road//SP 15

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Course Description

The Open Road – a rest stop and motel at hanford reach

The appeal of the open road is due, in part, to its ambiguities and contradictions. It is at once an expression of power and freedom but also one of risk and vulnerability. ‘The road’ is both a destination and means of to getting to one – it is ‘there’ and ‘nowhere’ at once. While traveling the continuous movement and disengagement from time and place yield a delirious sense of alienation that is both terrifying and exhilarating. For some, this alienation yields an anonymity that allows for an alternative existence. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

The project is simple in program but complex and layered with respect to meaning, memory and experience. It consists of a rest stop, filling station, restaurant, guest rooms, support spaces and parking. The rest stop is both a particular place in space and time and an arbitrary step along the way. The architecture can embrace and embody the landscape or provide protection from it. In all cases, the project is understood as a framework within which to interpret and represent these contradictions and ambiguities by way of a strong, clear personal vision of a place where none exists.