The Party Project//SP 18

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Course Description

The Part Project addresses the growing interest in collective housing worldwide. Seattle, like many cities, grows rapidly, its housing is expensive, scarce, and dominated by the typology of the single-family home. At the same time, the nuclear family has ceased being the prevalent mode of life, superseded by single-parent families, singles, couples, or extended families. The Exhibition “Together. The New Architecture of the Collective” (Vitra Design Museum, 2017) responds to these challenges by featuring contemporary housing built upon collectivity, sharing, and participation. The exhibition provides an answer to “a central question of our time: how do we want to live together in the future?” But who is “we”? How do we get “together” to form a “collective”? Like Seattle’s, the demography of many cities is formed by migration and fluctuation. How do we envision housing typologies building community? How do we imagine an architecture of encounters celebrating the diversity of customs and lifestyles?