Wedge Neighborhood//WI 15

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Course Description

Three faith-based, non-profit organizations own contiguous properties along a 5-block stretch located between 6th Avenue and Division Street in Tacoma. The streets converge at an acute angle and hence the name, The Wedge Neighborhood. Trinity Presbyterian, Life Changing Ministries and the Salvation Army have been meeting for the past year with the Tacoma Housing Authority discussing what future uses could be developed on their properties, each of which is about a half block in size.

1. The Wedge will be become a multipurpose, multi-denominational gathering and worship space, above ground floor businesses which will be used as a training ground for people who have been unemployed or underemployed.

2. Trinity Presbyterian Church has historic qualities, yet the church and its attached facilities no longer are meeting the needs of the congregation. They will be exploring three options: renovation, preservation and total demolition.

3. Changing Life Ministries wishes to demolish their one-story building and redevelop their property with group floor start-up businesses, classrooms on the second floor, with 90 units of housing for singles and couples above.

4. The Salvation Army wishes to develop higher-density urban family housing on all three parcels, approximately 150 units distributed across all three parcels with ground floor retail and services.