Urban Recreation + Transit //SP 17

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Course Description

The Seattle Light Rail Link connects three of the largest urban centers in the state of Washington: downtown Seattle, Capitol Hill, and the University of Washington. The construction of the Northgate Link is now well underway with the excavation and tunneling for the U District, Roosevelt, and Northgate stations currently in progress. During the construction of the Capitol Hill underground station, the buildings adjacent to East Denny Street and Broadway were demolished. These lots will soon be filled with multi-family residential buildings with retail at ground level.

To supplement the “transit oriented development” of related to the opening of the station, the City of Seattle plans to construct a community center that will be owned and operated by Seattle Parks and Recreation, working together with Capitol Hill community groups and Sound Transit. The Cal Anderson Community Center is planned to provide a wide range of individuals—youth, senior citizens, and families—living on Capitol Hill access to economical athletic facilities, while also benefiting commuters passing through the light rail station.