March 13, 2018

Democratized Data, Classic Research

In the Journal of Lighting, Research and Technology’s recent article, “Lighting Research and Technology: Past, Present and Future”,  Associate Professor of Architecture, Mehlika Inanici’s paper, Evaluation of High Dynamic Range Photography as a Luminance Data Acquisition System, received the praise of being named one of 25 Classic Papers published by the journal. The journal has published thousands of papers since its first volume in 1969.

Professor Inanici’s research demonstrates the use of high dynamic range (HDR) photography for scientific lighting measurements. Mehlika briefly summarizes the significance of her work, stating, “Beforehand, luminance was measured with handheld luminance meters. They are expensive, so many people don’t have access to them. Also, they can measure one point at a time, which makes it impossible to measure multiple points under changing light conditions. HDR photography works with commercially available cameras, so anybody with a camera can measure lighting. The biggest impact, is that luminance is measured at a pixel level. That is, a camera with 8 million pixel resolution measures luminance at 8 million points. It is a serious improvement to collecting one point data with luminance meters. Today, many researchers use this technique to measure and evaluate existing environments, to conduct psychophysical studies on visual comfort and perception.”

You can read Professor Inanici’s classic paper here: