October 16, 2018

Kelly Daviduke SAH Research Fellowship

Last year, MS History and Theory candidate Kelly Daviduke was granted a Charles E. Peterson Fellowship for summer research in support of her thesis. Kelly’s research started as an interest in Olof Hanson, believed to be America’s first deaf architect, who worked in the late nineteenth century. As her exploration of Hanson’s life grew, Kelly established a considerable interest in nineteenth century academic architecture for deaf students.

Of the few deaf schools in America built in the nineteenth century, very few are still standing, and even fewer remain in their original use. However, thanks to her fellowship, Kelly was able to visit St. Mary’s School for the Deaf in Buffalo, New York. This school in particular is an excellent artifact not only of mid 19th century residential academic architecture, but also of the history of deafness and deaf identity in America.

Kelly hopes her summer fellowship research can provoke further conversation on academic architecture for the deaf and help this conversation find its necessary place in American academic and cultural history.

To read Kelly’s complete report on her summer work, visit here: https://www.sah.org/about-sah/sah-news/news-detail/2018/09/25/charles-e.-peterson-fellowship-report-summer-2018

To learn more about the Charles E Peterson Fellowship and how you may also take advantage of this great research opportunity, visit here: