July 26, 2016

Scan|Design 2016

Contributed by M. Arch 2017 candidate Sarah Chan

Every year, through the generous financial support of the Scan|Design Foundation, a studio taught by visiting professors is offered to grad students here at UW. This year’s 2016 Scan|Design Visiting Distinguished Professors were Sinus Lynge and Tue Hesselberg Foged, founding architects of EFFEKT, a Danish architectural collaborative based in Copenhagen.

Similar to past Scan|Design Master Studios, the studio began with a 10-day trip to Copenhagen. The trip started at the EFFEKT offices, where Professor Foged presented the studio project – a perimeter block comprised of diverse housing types with a shared courtyard. Much like Seattle, Copenhagen is facing unprecedented population growth and housing costs are skyrocketing. Frank Jensen, Copenhagen’s current mayor, has started a campaign called #KøbenhavnForAlle, or “Copenhagen For All,” by providing housing for all kinds of people — young and old, rich and poor — to ensure that people are not priced out of the city.


Design charrette at EFFEKT offices

The goal of the studio was to explore how we might address this challenge through the themes of urban diversity, density and local communities. Our challenge was to use perimeter housing to address the increasing homogenization of neighborhoods in the modern city. Each of us randomly selected a housing type and lot from a bag. We were instructed to also choose a design challenge that would add another layer of complexity to each project. Design challenges ranged from urban farming to micro units to religious spaces.

The rest of the trip was jam packed with biking, office tours (COBE, Dorte Mandrup), a day trip to Sweden and more biking. Associate Professor Peter Cohan, our fearless leader, guided us through the city and brought us to some pretty stellar places. We ended the trip with a day-long design charrette focusing on each student’s concept back at EFFEKT with both Professor Lynge and Professor Foged.


Visiting Tietgenkolleiget


Bike break at SEB Bank by Lundgaard Tranberg


Dorte Mandrup office visit


Our tour guide and previous UW Exchange student Chris Gotfredsen


Bagsvaerd Church by Jorn Utzon, one of my favorite stops and one of the cutest dogs

Professors Lynge and Foged each visited UW once during the quarter to lead intensive week long charrettes. During the third week, Professor Lynge and Cohan worked with each of us to strengthen our ideas. The week ended with a concept review featuring guest critics. We worked with Professor Foged and Cohan in the seventh week, focusing on the most important aspects of our projects, simplifying everything to present a stronger and clearer concept for the guest review at the end of the week.

In the remaining three weeks of the quarter, we had the unique opportunity to make improvements that continued to make our projects stronger based on comments made at the final review. As a studio, we worked together to design the courtyard, designing something that incorporated elements suitable for the perimeter block’s diverse community. The end of the quarter exhibition included drawings as well as a gigantic 1:50 scale site model. The final result had a level of unpredictability that we couldn’t control, just like a city.


Concept models presented at the end of our week with Prof Lynge


Discussing courtyard designs with Prof Foged


Final review with Prof Foged and guest critics


We all fit in Dorte’s elevator!