July 26, 2016

Steel Studio

Contributed by Travis Hauan, M.Arch Candidate

2016 Steel Competition: Full Speed Ahead!

This year’s steel studio is entering a national competition to design innovative steel buildings.  The competition has two categories: “tall building”, and “open”.  Our studio chose to design a building for the U.S. Coast Guard base, located just west of Century Link Field in SODO, Seattle.  The program of the studio is loosely defined to house a museum, post exchange, offices and basic base amenities.

We began this studio doing detailed precedent studies of interesting steel buildings.  Students broke into groups of two or three and replicated their precedent building as a 3d model, exploring and exposing the structure.  This challenged all of the students to thoroughly understand how steel works and has provided inspiration to push it further.

The design potential for the U.S. Coast Guard is rich, drawing on the Coast Guard’s long and prestigious history in Seattle.  As we begin to explore initial conceptual ideas, everyone is excited to see where the challenge of the competition will take their design.

Concept Board