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A photographer has purchased a 25′ X 100′ lot at 5223 Ballard Avenue NW, thus realizing a lifelong dream of constructing a place to make and exhibit photographic work on one site. This building will foster the photographer’s exploration of ideas and techniques of a particular photographer whose work has been inspirational, and will present the artist’s idea of image making to the public.

Students were challenged to go beyond the traditional graphic representations of the site – plan, section and elevation – each student individually analyzed the larger site context photographically. Students evoked the style of a particular photographer in documenting the neighborhood allowing for an unconventional way to explore the context of the site and draw inspiration for the resulting architecture.

Fashion and Architecture

The objective of this studio is to use fashion to offer an opportunity to expand the possibilities of what it is to think architecture. For two Reasons:

1. Architectural practice is changing rapidly, and traditional ways of thinking architecture in the new digital age are going to have to expand and become more versatile and

2. Both fashion and architecture mediate between the human body and the rest of the world. Yet, architecture has a disdain for fashion, while in fact fashion in recent decades has far outstripped architecture in its creativity, imagination and response to the exigencies of the day.

Skookum Change

The objective of this studio was to examine how a single location and a shared idea

change over time while remaining the same. What about the ancient is modern? In a

regional, geographic identity, what is indigenous? Can there be appreciation without

appropriation? Where is a place to begin decolonization and repatriation?

A single site in Pioneer Square acted as the terrain for a time-lapse examination of

temporal translations, anchoring architectural speculations into an embodied full

spectrum of pre history, history and post history. Future histories will be written.