May 24, 2017

Restructuring for the Future City

The McKinley Futures Studio began in Spring 2014, and is now offered annually. The studio is made possible by the Jeannette and David McKinley Endowment for the Design of Future Architectural Environments. Each year a new team of faculty create projects that will generate research-based, speculative design scenarios that will serve as a framework for closer examination of the great problems facing succeeding generations—society, health, environment, government, economy, science, and technology.

Our Spring 2017 McKinley Futures Studio, led by Rick Mohler, is entitled ‘Restructuring for the Future City’.  A unique feature of this studio was a speakers series: over three weeks, we invited eight groups of two to three speakers from on campus and off to present and discuss a broad range of topics related to the future of the urban public realm.  Topics ranged from transportation to robotics, environmental justice, governance, data science and migration and health.  The final group discussed forces on cities and included UW UDP professor Branden Born; The Stranger writer, critic and filmmaker Charles Mudede; and activist and Seattle mayoral candidate Cary Moon.

Thank you to all of our speakers for their time and contributions!