The Student Advisory Council (SAC) exists to voice the Master of Architecture student body’s collective opinion through direct communication to the Chair of the Architecture department. SAC provides a forum for discussion of a wide range of issues and acts as the barometer of studio culture.

The SAC is made up of graduate students in the M.Arch program. Each class of students in the program elect two representatives on behalf of their class. These students are elected upon entry to the program and often participate in the SAC through their thesis. The committee has ten members in a given school year with various members graduating and joining each year.

The Student Advisory Committee serves the student body and the department by funneling information in both directions. SAC representatives communicate both concerns and successes within the program. Representatives maintain a public image of the department and student body, allowing fellow students to relay information through them to the department.

SAC members are also called upon by the department as representatives of the student body in the case of special events. Members are sometimes asked to give tours of the facilities and help with department events.

  • We represent the Master of Architecture student body.
  • We have a direct connection with the administration to voice students’ collective concerns, questions, suggestions, and positive aspects.
  • We are a barometer of studio culture.

2017-2018 members:

Andres Flores
Rosemarie Gregoire
Teresa Moroseos
Bryan Washko
Emilia Cabeza de Baca
Solomon Cohen
Victoria Haynes
Ryan Willis
Gaura Ely
Kelly Skaggs