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PhD in the Built Environment

The Ph.D. in the Built Environment is a college-wide, interdisciplinary degree program housed within the College of Built Environments. The Ph.D. Program provides students with a common core of substantial, integrated knowledge concerning the multi-faceted built environment, and then offers areas of specialization in three discrete fields of knowledge and practice:

  • Sustainable Systems and Prototypes (across a range of scales, from building elements & assemblages, to buildings, site & neighborhood context, city, and region)
  • Technology and Project Design/Delivery (focusing on the design of computing tools for planning & design and other built-environment fields, the human-computer interface (HCI) within design-planning-construction, the design of computer-enhanced virtual environments, processes and practices of environmental computation,
    including digital technology, material technology, building technology)
  • History, Theory, and Representation studies (focusing on issues of regional-global modernity)


For more information, please visit the College of Built Environments.