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3 Year M.Arch

Master of Architecture candidates holding a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in a field other than architecture are eligible for admission to the 3 year professional Master of Architecture (M.Arch) degree program. Applicants to this program should demonstrate some experience in the visual or design arts, math through college algebra, and computer literacy.

The curriculum emphasizes integrated architectural design, its relationship to urban issues and tectonics, and the technical knowledge necessary for the professional practice of architecture. Courses in architectural history and theory, building science, graphics, materials and making, design/build, and international studies provide further professional training and opportunities to develop areas of specialization. These areas of specialization are called Degree Options and provide M.Arch students with an opportunity to concentrate their studies in one of three areas:

History, Theory and Criticism
Materials and Fabrication
Sustainable Systems and Design

Students indicate their preference for the degree option by the beginning of spring quarter in year 2 using the department’s online Degree Option Registration. The degree option title will appear on the student’s final transcript.

Summer Internship For 3 Year M.Arch Students:

The Department of Architecture Professionals Advisory Council sponsors the Summer Internship program for 3 year M.Arch students providing all eligible 3 year M.Arch students a paid internship in a local firm the summer after completion of the first year in the program.


For application requirements and materials, see M.Arch Admissions.

Programs_MArch3+ 2Curriculum

The curriculum focuses on the development of research skills in support of the integration of diverse areas of knowledge into design. Year One begins with a two-quarter sequence that combines design fundamentals with representation, history and theory and the first two quarters of a five-quarter sequence of courses in design technology. These courses combine issues of materials, structure and environment in a collaborative teaching format. The spring of Year One is the start of a three-quarter sequence of core design studios, which that first quarter concentrates on building assembly. This coursework helps prepare our 3-year M Arch students for the Summer Internship Program, sponsored by the Department’s Professionals Advisory Council. The core studios in Year Two broaden in their scale and scope to encompass a full range of issues from urban to ecological systems. The spring quarter of that year is the first of a two-quarter sequence of advanced studios that combine with a research methods course to prepare students for the final two-quarter sequence of research studios or an independent Master’s thesis. The final four quarters of the program also incorporate professional practice, selective and elective courses to allow students to focus their interests and complete a degree option or certificate program if desired.

Download a PDF of the Master of Architecture Curriculum. If you are having problems accessing this link, please contact Nancy Dragun at

The M.Arch degree leads to licensure. For further information refer to the following table.