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Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Councils (SACs) exists to represent graduate professional students and undergraduate program students in dialogue with the chair of the Architecture Department.

SACs provide a forum for discussion of a wide range of issues concerning the students. Students bring their own concerns and issues to the chair, and the chair also seeks student opinion on departmental decisions as well. Perhaps most critically, the chair can get timely information regarding studio culture, student perceptions regarding extracurricular events, and other social factors affecting the learning environments.

The SAC members are elected by their class with proportional representation of all cohorts.

The Student Advisory Council serves the student body and the department by funneling information in both directions. SAC representatives communicate both concerns and successes within the program. Representatives maintain a public image of the department and student body, allowing fellow students to relay information through them to the department.

SAC members are also called upon by the department as representatives of the student body in the case of special events. Members are sometimes asked to give tours of the facilities and help with department events.

2021-2022 members:

Graduate reps:
Julia Lobdell
Nevis Granum
TJ Gassaway
Andy Dang
Jacquelyn Crane

Undergraduate reps:
Jody Van
Ruby Anderson
Willem Parker
Connor Ettinger
Alejandro Steckler
Ciara Najera
Christina Aristedes
Ethan Riccobelli
Megan Major