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Research Profiles

The research activities of faculty members in the Department of Architecture embrace a wide-range of concerns related to the field of architecture and related disciplines. The following list provides a general outline of those interests. Please click on the individual faculty names to view their more detailed research interests described in their faculty profile.


Sustainable Design; Human-centered Design; Building Performance Simulation; Urban Building Energy Modeling; Urban Computing; Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Design; Representation; History and theory of modern architecture and decorative arts
Sustainable building technology; Public art; Community based design/build
Design; Architectural history and theory
High Performance Design, Health Design, Research
Innovation, collaboration and equity in professional practice
Design; Building technology; Scandinavian architecture
Collaborative design; Construction systems; Strategies for deployable and sustainable structures
Design; History and theory of architecture
Design; Urban Issues; Materials; Building technology
Design; Design Strategy; Digital design and fabrication technologies; Making; Materials
Urban restructuring; Urban representation using photography, film and digital media; Metaphor in architecture and urbanistic discourse
History and theory of architecture and urbanism; Representation; Italian Architecture
Design; Urban Issues; Housing & Public Space; Narrative & Representation; Architectural Installations
History and Theory; Utilitarian architecture; Post-industrial landscapes; Visual culture; Gender
Computational lighting design and analysis; Daylighting; Building performance simulation; Performance based design workflows
Design; Conceptual and Tectonic Ideas of Making Space
History and theory of architecture and urbanism; Modernism; Fascism; Postcolonial studies; Islamic architecture; Italy, Africa and the Middle East
Design; Daylighting; Electric lighting; Energy conservation; Sustainability; Existing building performance; Energy modeling
Digital technologies, fabrication, human-computer interaction, and building performance simulations
Design, Adaptive Reuse and Reuse design, Historic Preservation, History, Equity in preservation
Design; Urban Design; Housing Affordability; Transit Oriented Development; Professional Practice
Furniture design; Public art; Tectonics; Design-build
History; Preservation design; Urban design; Monuments and memorials; Northwest architecture; Arts and Crafts
Design; History; Japanese/Asian architecture & urbanism
Design; Ecological design; High performance buildings
Cultural theory; Non-Western, Asian, Indian architecture; Postcolonial studies; Le Corbusier; Modernism; Fashion and architecture
Design; Architectural representation; Urban agriculture; Landscape architecture, Urbanism, Urban landscapes, Designing with living systems
Designs and creates buildings, dwellings, and places + purposes for social interactions
Low carbon construction; Structures; Performance based design; Mass timber; Resilience
Structures; Architectural History; materials
Architecture design and theory; Architecture in relation to its physical, historical and intellectual settings; Treatment of historic buildings; 15th century town planning in Italy; Theory of public space; Design; Building and renovation

Faculty who are endorsed to chair a thesis committee are members of the UW Graduate Faculty