The research activities of faculty members in the Department of Architecture embrace a wide-range of concerns related to the field of architecture and related disciplines. The following list provides a general outline of those interests. Please click on the individual faculty names to view their more detailed research interests described in their faculty profile.


Narjes Abbasabadi 
Sustainability, environmental technologies, and computation in the built environment   
Design; Representation; History and theory of modern architecture and decorative arts
Sustainable building technology; Public art; Community based design/build
Design; Architectural history and theory
High Performance Design, Health Design, Research
Innovation, collaboration and equity in professional practice
Design; Building technology; Scandinavian architecture
Collaborative design; Construction systems; Strategies for deployable and sustainable structures
Design; History and theory of architecture
Design; Urban Issues; Materials; Building technology
Design; Design Strategy; Digital design and fabrication technologies; Making; Materials
Environmental controls (active & passive); Sustainable technologies
Urban restructuring; Urban representation using photography, film and digital media; Metaphor in architecture and urbanistic discourse
History and theory of architecture and urbanism; Representation; Italian Architecture
Design; Urban Issues; Housing & Public Space; Narrative & Representation; Architectural Installations
History and Theory; Utilitarian architecture; Post-industrial landscapes; Visual culture; Gender
Computational lighting design and analysis; Daylighting; Building performance simulation; Performance based design workflows
Computing in architectural design; 3D modeling and rendering; Web-based collaboration and communication
Design; Conceptual and Tectonic Ideas of Making Space
History and theory of architecture and urbanism; Modernism; Fascism; Postcolonial studies; Islamic architecture; Italy, Africa and the Middle East
Design; Daylighting; Electric lighting; Energy conservation; Sustainability; Existing building performance; Energy modeling
Digital technologies, fabrication, human-computer interaction, and building performance simulations
Design; Vernacular and Domestic Architecture; American/European architectural history
Design; Design development
Design Process; Design; Professional practice; Color theory; Color in architecture and urban design
Design; Urban Design; Housing Affordability; Transit Oriented Development; Professional Practice
Sustainability; Impact of information technology; Values, social and cultural factors in design and planning; Theory and current research methods
Furniture design; Public art; Tectonics; Design-build
History; Preservation design; Urban design; Monuments and memorials; Northwest architecture; Arts and Crafts
Design; History; Japanese/Asian architecture & urbanism
Design; Ecological design; High performance buildings
Cultural theory; Non-Western, Asian, Indian architecture; Postcolonial studies; Le Corbusier; Modernism; Fashion and architecture
Design; Architectural representation; Urban agriculture; Landscape architecture, Urbanism, Urban landscapes, Designing with living systems
Low carbon construction; Structures; Performance based design; Mass timber; Resilience
Structures; Architectural History; materials
Architecture design and theory; Architecture in relation to its physical, historical and intellectual settings; Treatment of historic buildings; 15th century town planning in Italy; Theory of public space; Design; Building and renovation