Undergraduate Student Work

Urban Food Center

ARCH 302B, Spring 2021

This studio focused on the urban integration of food production and consumption and its ability to affect transformation of the neighborhood….


Dwelling in the Sicilian Countryside Anew

ARCH 402 C, Spring 2021

Thousands of small cities and towns in Italy have undergone disinvestment and depopulation for over a century now, raising questions about the future …


The Nordic Spirit

ARCH 402, Spring 2021

The National Nordic Museum was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to the history of the area’s Nordic immigrants. The museum serves as a community…


Alternate Models

ARCH 400H, Autumn 2020

Studio Description:  A learning opportunity in this class is for students to increase their ability to use physical modeling and drawing as architect…


Who’s Looking After The Kids?

ARCH 402B, Spring 2021

Studio Description:  The pandemic has put in high relief the fact that many Americans, particularly women, are reliant on childcare in order to atten…


Seismic Design Studio

ARCH 402505D, Spring 2021

Earthquakes are a fundamental part of life in the Pacific Northwest. Every year, our collective understanding of the geological faults underneath Wash…


Washi Paper Mill

ARCH ARCH 302, Spring 2021

The important question to ask is not “what” but “how.”  – Mies van der Rohe    WHAT: A cooperative washi paper mill and workshop in Balla…


Urban Design for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

ARCH 405, Winter 2021

Studio Description:  This interdisciplinary studio supports efforts by the City of Westport and South Beach Community to achieve resilience in the fa…


Re-Building Community

ARCH 404, Winter 2021

In ARCH 404 “Re-Building Community”, student design teams produced design proposals for a community-based brief in Seattle’s Central…


Positive / Negative

ARCH 301, Winter 2021

The general requirements of the program – making and displaying photography – need individual interpretation. Each of you will determine the idea …


Seattle Sci-Fi

ARCH 401B, Winter 2020

The Comprehensive Plan SEATTLE 2035 is: “A 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future. Our plan guides City decisions on where to build new j…



ARCH 301A, Winter 2020

A photographer has purchased a 25′ X 100′ lot at 5223 Ballard Avenue NW, thus realizing a lifelong dream of constructing a place to make and exhib…


The Nehemiah Studio 2.0

ARCH 404, Winter 2020

Student design teams will be producing proposals for a community-based initiative in Seattle’s historic Central District. The Nehemiah Initiativ…


Furniture Studio

ARCH 401D, Winter 2020

This course involves the design and construction of a piece of furniture such as a small table, case, chair, bench or stool or an architectural elemen…


Barry Onouye Endowed Studio

ARCH 505, Spring 2020

  Text by Associate Professor Tyler Sprague The spring quarter has brought the unprecedented challenge of teaching studio completely online.  Th…


Seattle Exposed

ARCH 400, Autumn 2019

Studio Description:  The built environment influences our lives and interactions, but whose values are actually reflected in the spaces and places we…


Reimagined Industrial Lands

ARCH 405/505, Autumn 2019

During the Autumn 2019 quarter, an interdisciplinary group of Built Environments students participated in a studio boldly envisioning transit oriented…


Seattle Science Fiction

ARCH 401A, Winter 2019

The Comprehensive Plan SEATTLE 2035 is: “A 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future. Our plan guides City decisions on where to build new j…


Furniture Studio

ARCH 401C, Winter 2019


UW Shell House

ARCH 401B, Winter 2019

This studio focused on the creative adaptive reuse of one of the UW campus’s most iconic- yet unknownbuildings – the ASUW Shell House. Highlig…



ARCH 301B, Winter 2019

In this studio students were tasked with creating a studio for a photographer in the Ballard neighborhood. The goal of the building is to foster the p…


Photography Collective

ARCH 301A, Winter 2019

In this studio students investigated architectural issues related to human dwelling such as spatial composition, accommodation of building program and…


Academic Innovation Building

ARCH 404, Winter 2019

In this studio, student design teams produced proposals for a new interdisciplinary building on the UW Tacoma campus. The program of the Academic Inno…