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Internship Program

UW Architecture’s Professionals Advisory Council (PAC) has been running a program of paid internships in Seattle-area design offices since 2011, with the primary intention of offering an introduction to the design workplace to students completing the first year of the Department’s 3-year M.Arch program. The matching of eligible applicants with available workplace openings aims to achieve student placements for 320-400 hours of employment. Generally following the guidelines of the National Council of Architect Registration Boards (NCARB) Experience Requirements directed toward architect licensing, workplace supervisors monitor and mentor interns, in liaison with and reporting students’ experience to a Department faculty adviser.  Over the past decade, approximately 90% of students have been placed in these internships. While we can not guarantee positions for all students, we work hard to find opportunities for as many students as possible. Placement decisions are made considering a student’s application materials, position requirements and student’s financial need.

See the PAC website for current information.