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Student Work

Course Description

This studio, together with Architecture 590, the Architecture 504 studio in the winter quarter and the companion coursework in design technology and contemporary architectural theory in both the fall and winter quarters, forms the second and third quarters of the integration block in the UW Master of Architecture Program. This segment of the curriculum explored the existential challenges of climate change and growing social inequity within the context of global urbanization. The focus was architecture’s role in creating livable, equitable and sustainable communities. The curriculum pursued this focus within the only two studios and companion coursework that all M.Arch students are required to complete. The Arch 503/Arch 504 sequence engages both the urban scale and the architectural scale, using a study area in Seattle that has significant historical characteristics and is rapidly changing. The studio seeks to understand the interface between the architectural and urban and how they form and inform each other.

The architectural project consisted of a multi-family housing component and a small-scale institutional building component within an overall framework of “Fabric and Figure”. The focus in Arch 503 was understanding the relationship between the site and surrounding urban condition (past, present and future) and developing an architectural design in response. This included a clear site/building strategy and an understanding of the relationship between the housing program (Fabric) and institutional program (Figure). The primary focus in Arch 503 was the development of the housing portion of the program including ground floor uses that may include housing, commercial space, or both. Emphasis was placed on the learning objectives and outcomes outlined above including human health, safety. and welfare at multiple scales, accessible design, technical knowledge and design synthesis.

1-7 Nexus, Farinaz Sayad
8-14 Iris, Justin Ly
15-19 The View, Kellie Kou
20-26 Outreach, Haili Brown