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Student Work

Course Description

The important question to ask is not “what” but “how.”  – Mies van der Rohe 



A cooperative washi paper mill and workshop in Ballard.


Rules of the game:

1 – construct geo-narratives of site forces at four scales from neighborhood to region

2 – construct a deck of cards based on site analysis and synthesis; deal 8 cards and discard 2

3 – construe the site and program forces as gesture via the cards dealt and touchstone image

4 – construe the poetic logic of structure; add 4 cards from tectonic case studies to complete the hand

5 – join site, program, structure and material in the building, keeping all the forces in play 


Images 1-5  Ballard Paper Mill, Mariele Alarilla 
Images 6-10  Ballard Paper Mill, Luke Barbieri