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Lee Copeland

Distinguished Alumnus, 2017

B.Arch 1960

Consulting Principal, Mithun Inc.

Lee Copeland, FAIA, is an architect, urban designer and educator with more than 50 years of experience in academia and practice. He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Washington in 1960 and his Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania in 1963. He was Professor and Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (now College of Built Environments) from 1972-1979. He then served as Dean and Paley Professor of Architecture and City Planning at the Graduate School of Fine Arts (now the School of Design) at the University of Pennsylvania from 1979-1991, where he shaped the core curriculum for urban designers as powerful organizational leaders.

His professional activities include: Partner, Joyce Copeland Vaughan & Nordfors in Seattle (1974-1979); Principal, Lee Copeland Architect in Philadelphia (1919-1991); and Partner, Weinstein Copeland Architects in Seattle (1991-2002). Copeland is now a Consulting Principal at Mithun Inc. in Seattle (from 2003). He has served on design commissions in San Jose, the University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania and Georgia Institute of Technology, and as chairman of the Philadelphia Planning Commission. He has also prepared numerous University Campus Plans and many urban design plans in Seattle and beyond.

As a nationally recognized architect and urban designer, Copeland has been responsible for influencing and shaping campuses and civic places throughout the country. His insightful work ripples across the nation, honoring cities and inhabitants as they live, learn and thrive. Lee is a recipient of the Topaz Medallion in 2001 from the American Institute of Architects and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture for cumulative contributions to architecture and education. He is also a recipient of the Seattle Medal in 2000 from the American Institute of Architects that recognizes distinguished lifetime achievement in architecture and service.

Featured Work:

 University of Washington Master Plan, Seattle, WA (2001)
Duke University Master Plan, Durham, North Carolina (2000)
Denny Regrade Development Plan, Seattle, WA (1974)
Brobyn Residence, Bainbridge Island (1970)