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Who’s Looking After The Kids?

Studio Description: 

The pandemic has put in high relief the fact that many Americans, particularly women, are reliant on childcare in order to attend work or school. Single and multi-parent households rely on childcare to survive financially, yet care is often provided in substandard facilities.

-How can we reimagine what a joyful and playful space might look like for young children?
-How can we design for different sizes and shapes of bodies in space?
-What is the role of children in the city?

The site is at 3100 Broadway in upper Manhattan, in a neighborhood which is underserved. The Morningside Heights Housing Corporation has agreed to reduce the size of their current parking garage by 50% and have received funding to develop half of the area. Students will have the option to retain the existing structure, or to demolish up to 50%. The project will face the busy street of Broadway, as well as the residential towers of the MHCC co-op.

Images 1-7  Who’s Looking After The Kids?, Elena Zhu

It is designed for both public and private use, taking into account materials and structure. Preschool kids are the main focus of this project. The objective is to create a building that allows the kids to be able to have the chance to make more movement in one space.