Frequently Asked Questions

Advising for Prospective Graduate Students:

If you are interested in applying to our program, consider attending an upcoming Master of Architecture Information Session & Tour   

These hour and a half long sessions are led by our graduate program adviser and will introduce participants to the academic and special opportunities in our school.  The session will also include a tour of our graduate design studios.

Outside of these information sessions, 30 minute advising appointments are available on request. Please email to schedule.

Drop-in requests for tours cannot be accommodated. 

Now that I am accepted to the program, how do I register for classes?

The following links provide helpful information about registration:

U501: Graduate School Orientation
UW Student Guide

How can I find out about financial aid and tuition?

Information regarding Financial Aid should be directed to the UW Office of Student Financial Aid. Students should inquire with the Financial Aid Office about the priority filing deadline dates for the UW. The priority filing deadline date is typically posted on the front page of their website.

The UW Student Guide has helpful information regarding financial aid and tuition related questions.

Tuition for graduate programs in our department fall under the College of Built Environments. Tuition & fee schedules for the upcoming academic year are published in June.

Is a laptop required?

The department requires that students have a personal laptop. For suggestions on purchasing a computer, please visit the college website.

I am applying to the 3 year M.Arch program.  How can I build a portfolio that is competitive when I do not have an architecture background?

The purpose of the portfolio is to help reviewers determine your potential to perform successfully in a design studio based program. Your portfolio should demonstrate your creative abilities, in particular, the ability to translate ideas into two dimensional (drawing, painting, sketching, photography) or three dimensional (models, furniture, wood/metalwork, etc) form.

Students without any art/design background are encouraged to take courses to help build their portfolio. Inquire locally about available classes in the subjects referenced.

Many architecture schools offer an introduction to design course in the summer for students who are contemplating architectural studies. At the UW we offer the ARCH 100 Summer Program.

Our Portfolio reviewers offer  Portfolio Tips here. In addition, we have a collection of sample admissions portfolios available in our main office to view.

Is it possible to work full time and enter the 3 year M.Arch program?

The first year of the 3 year M.Arch program is comprehensive and intense. This year is considered the preparatory year and incorporates coursework that prepare students from non-architecture backgrounds to be “up to speed“ with students holding Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture. Part-time work during this first year is possible but challenging and depends on individual time management skills and course schedules.

Does the department offer any financial aid for international students?

See our Funding page.

What are the required GRE scores?

While the GRE test is required for admissions, we do not set minimum GRE test scores as we feel they are not the best indicator of success in our program.  The GRE scores are not a  primary factor for admissions. However, below average GRE scores can have a negative impact on your application.

Report Scores to the UW Institution Code: 4854; Department Code 4401

What are the math and physics requirements?

The minimum math requirement is college-level algebra. College-level physics is not required, but is helpful. The required structures courses involve algebraic computations (no calculus).

When can I come in for a tour of the department and facilities?

Prospective graduate students interested in a tour should try to schedule their visit to coincide with the monthly Graduate Program Information Session & Tours.  Please check the calendar for dates. RSVP is required as space is limited.

Advising appointments can be made by contacting the Graduate Academic Adviser.

I was not accepted to the program. I would like to meet with someone who could advise me on how to improve my application, portfolio and general qualifications.

Students can receive feedback on their application from the admissions chair for the respective program they applied to. Contact the department’s graduate academic adviser to obtain contact information.

Non-Matriculated Registration:

Contact either the undergraduate or graduate academic advisers for instructions on obtaining approval signatures on Non-Matriculated or Graduate Non-Matriculated forms.

Summer quarter enrollment is open to non-matriculated students. For more information please visit here.