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Coming soon!


  • Architecture Orientation: September 25, 26, 29; students will receive email with link to register
  • College of Built Environments Orientation: September 29
  • First day of classes: Wednesday, September 30

New students will be subscribed (with their UW email) to the department’s weekly Details e-Newsletter, which is published each Wednesday during autumn, winter, and spring quarters.  To access past content or submit your own news, visit this page.

Please make sure your UW email is set up. Questions? Email Nancy Dragun.

The  EDI video on building intercultural competence provides an introduction to the developmental model that underpins the CBE approach to EDI. It is a great introduction for students, as well as new faculty and staff. All are invited to view the video and attend the follow-up Q&A discussion with the Dean next Thursday.

Student EDI discussion and Q&A with the Dean 
October 1, 5:00-6:00pm

We are in the process of updating the CBE EDI web content and hope to have that up soon; so please keep an eye out for that as there will be new resources for students, faculty and staff; you can always direct folks to the current set of videos for further learning.

We are building a rich set of resources and look forward to building more in the coming year. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Contact your adviser: