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Student Work

Course Description

Studio Description: 

The built environment influences our lives and interactions, but whose values are actually reflected in the spaces and places we move through and inhabit each day? Who has been included or excluded from the development of neighborhoods, public buildings and spaces? 

Students in this studio examined key moments in Seattle’s development and document the ways in which certain values, societal structures, and needs have shaped the city over time. More importantly, students identified omissions and gaps within the city’s current physical structure, where alternative histories, “other” experiences and voices are absent or underrepresented. Students developed architectural proposals that reveal and built on these invisible histories and stories in order to educate and inspire Seattle’s current and future inhabitants, as well as visitors to the city. 


Images 1-4  Adrian Arief

Images 5-8   Tova Beck

Images 9-12  Clayton Cahaya

Images 13-16 Camille Fain

Project description by student:

“The International District Wellness Workshop provides a safe place for the community to come learn about and take care of their bodies. The facility houses a learning resource center for wellness education as well as activity spaces for physical connections with one’s health. The existing garden extends onto the roof of the building which wraps around to the central courtyard below.”