Boris Srdar

Affiliate Associate Professor

Boris Srdar’s design thinking reflects a creative synthesis of interdisciplinary knowledge. Originally from Croatia, he earned a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Zagreb School of Architecture, worked in Zagreb for three years, and then moved to the United States, where he received his Master in Design Studies from Harvard University.

As a principal at NAC Architecture for well over a decade, Boris has led the design of a wide range of projects, including large-scale educational, medical, recreational and civic buildings across the western United States and in China. His passion for architecture that inspires underscores his efforts to elevate design excellence, office- and firm-wide.

With worldwide travel augmenting his multinational architectural background, Boris has developed a strong sensitivity to the specificity of a place. This approach promotes a dynamic dialogue between a project and its context, whether urban or natural. He believes that engagement of the built environment and landscape is of the utmost importance for design to embody the experiential quality of architecture.

In turn, Boris’s projects have received numerous recognitions at state, national and international levels, including publication in Architectural Record and the review of K-12 architecture by Hi-Design International Publishing. A variety of educational design magazines regularly showcase his projects.

Boris continues to share his architectural expertise through conference presentations across the United States and abroad. In recent years, his presentations at eleven international educational design conferences have led to significant international work, including projects with an exceptionally progressive client in China that put him at the center of new ideas advancing the evolution of learning space design.