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Understanding embodied carbon

Associate Prof. Kate Simonen recently appeared on an episode of the design and architecture podcast “99% Invisible”, hosted by radio producer Roman Mars. On the episode, Simonen discussed embodied carbon as well as sustainable materials and manufacturing.

The Daily UW picked up the story, and Kate shared some helpful information and links for those wishing to learn more.  She also encourages young people to consider a career in climate science if they’re interested in making a difference and having opportunities for leadership early on.

“One of the most exciting things around the climate crisis is that there’s a lot of exciting and essential work to be done,” Simonen said. ”And there’s not enough experts to do that work.”

Kate is the director of the Carbon Leadership Forum, a professional community of manufacturers, designers, builders and academics focused on reducing the carbon ‘embodied’ in building materials.  You can read more about their important work on their website.