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Student Work

Course Description

Architecture in Rome Food City

Ken Oshima Galen Minah Autumn 2019

Course Description
As a studio of 26 designers from around the world, students will be collectively designing the Global Food Expo 2020 to take place at the former Mattotoio al Testacchio slaughterhouse/Mount Testaccio. This design builds on the student’s pop up restaurant design, Food City analyses of Venice and Rome through markets and cafes linked to the urban fabric and global exhibition architecture at the Venice Biennale. Following Obrist’s suggestion, the student’s exhibition design should be “radical, experimental solutions,” a “laboratory” for interactive displays and direct partaking in global food culture. The design may be inside or outside the Mattotoio structure and engage the physical/historical context through a visionary architectural intervention/design. Designs will each feature a particular dish/regional cuisine/technique that may be inside or outside Italy and engages the context of Rome and the Mattotoio structure/site. Following the group site analysis, students will select their own individual sites and unique culinary perspective.